Worth Less Than Dirt to Them

Al-Ḥasan Al-Baṣrī, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

Indeed, I’ve seen people to whom the life of this world was more insignificant than the dirt beneath their feet; and indeed, I’ve seen people, one of whom would come upon the evening finding nothing to eat for dinner other than basic subsistence food, upon which he’d say:

By Allāh, I’m not going to put all of this into my belly. I am absolutely going to put some of this toward [pleasing] Allāh, Almighty and Majestic.

And then he’d give some of that away as charity, even though he had been more in need [of it] than the one he had given it to in charity.

Ṣaḥīḥ (Authentic), Zuhd Al-Thamāniyah by ʿAlqamah ibn Marthad, as quoted by Shaikh ʿArafāt ibn Ḥasan Al-Muḥammadī.

Source: @Arafatbinhassan. 31 Aug 21. 23:06 GMT+3.