When We Hear of Legendary Acts of Worship

The shaikh, Dr. Muḥammad ibn Ghālib Al-ʿUmarī, may Allāh protect him, said:

We come across stories, authentic and inauthentic, of the great efforts made by people in the past in matters of worship. In some of [these] are [descriptions] of efforts that were excessive, or in fact, in opposition to prophetic guidance.

The guideline [to follow] regarding worship being good and correct, after [making sure] it’s been done for Allāh alone, is [making sure] it’s in accordance with his ﷺ guidance.

He ﷺ is the one who said: “Whoever inclines to other than my way is not from me.”

Source: @m_g_alomari. 25 Feb 22. 23:49 GMT+3.