The Sinning That’s in Despair, the Winning That’s in Striving

Imām Ibn Taimiyyah, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

A person’s despairing over [ever] reaching what Allāh loves and is pleased with in terms of getting to know Him and singling Him out in worship is a major sin from among the major sins [of Islam]. On the contrary, it’s upon him to hope [to reach] that and want it strongly.

But one who hopes to get something, seeks it out, and one who fears something, runs away from it. And if he strives hard, seeks Allāh the All-High’s help, keeps asking [Him] to forgive him, and keeps striving hard, then without fail, Allāh will grant him, out of His favor and grace, that which had never occurred to [him in his] mind.

Majmūʿ Al-Fatāwá, vol. 11, p. 390.