The Only Way to Stop Sinning in Secret

The shaikh, Dr. Muḥammad ibn Ghālib Al-ʿUmarī, may Allāh protect him, said:

In secret, with little fear or sense of Allāh the All-High seeing him, a soul is swept away into deep pits of [moral] offenses.

There’s nothing to hold a soul back [at that time] other than [having] certainty that Allāh knows every secret, hidden thing, knows whatever [is] harbored in [people’s] hearts.

فَإِنَّهُۥ یَعۡلَمُ ٱلسِّرَّ وَأَخۡفَى

For indeed He knows the secrets [people keep] and those more hidden than that. (Ṭā Ḥā 7, partial extract)

أَلَا یَعۡلَمُ مَن خَلَقَ وَهُو ٱللَّطیفُ ٱلخَبِیرُ

Does the One who created [everything] not know, while He is Al-LaṭīfAl-Khabīr?² (Al-Mulk 14)

يَعْلَمُ خَائِنَةَ الْأَعْيُنِ وَمَا تُخْفِي الصُّدُورُ

He knows every treacherous [glance] of the eyes and everything the hearts conceal. (Ghāfir 19)

¹the Perfectly Subtle One in His knowledge, aid, and favors (tr.)
²the One whose knowledge encompasses all hidden and secret things (tr.)

Source: @m_g_alomari. 9 Mar 21.