Something to Stop and Think About

The shaikh, Dr. Khālid Ḍaḥawī Al-Ẓafīrī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Something to stop and think about:

Regarding the zakah on wealth, the one upon whom it’s due [will] ask: is it allowed to buy food with [the zakah money] for a poor person because he might not be good at spending money?

Then when zakah al-fiṭr comes around, he says to you: is it allowed to give it out as money because a poor person doesn’t need food?

[There’s] comfort in taking a hold of [and sticking to] that which has come in the Book and the Sunnah and to carry out acts of worship as they’ve been prescribed because our [Islamic] law is safer and wiser, and our Lord knows better [than all of us].

Source: @almadani_k. 8 May 21.