Say No to Negative People

The shaikh, Dr. Muḥammad ibn Ghālib Al-ʿUmarī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Some people never [fail to have] pessimism in the things they say; frustration and defeat, in the words they use; dread, about the things they anticipate.

Sitting with [such people] brings upon sickness in the heart. If you were to come to [someone like that] in a sad state, you’d leave feeling very depressed. And if you were to come to him feeling happy about things, you’d go back worried and distressed.

Meeting [a person like that] leaves you with bad thoughts about everything and feelings of hatred towards life. He doesn’t know [anything about] the language of optimism, motivation, hope, or encouragement.

Long, sour, frowning face, eyebrows drawn together–getting away from him is gain, while getting near to him is loss.

Source: @m_g_alomari. 4 Oct 21. 18:21 GMT+3.