On This Night and During Other Times, When Others Fall into Neglect…

The shaikh, Dr. Khālid Ḍaḥawī Al-Ẓafīrī, may Allāh protect him, said:

On this night, [the last night of Ramaḍān], some people get lazy; they get sluggish during it about standing [to pray], while it’s a night from among the nights that could be Lailah Al-Qadr [the Night of Decree].

People of knowledge have pointed out the virtue and excellence of performing worship during times when people leave that off out of careless neglect, like fasting during [the month of] Shaʿbān, the reason [that’s been given for its virtue]: “a month that people carelessly neglect.”

[And there] are other than that of proofs. Ibn Rajab put them together in Al-Laṭāʾif fī Waẓāʾif Shaʿbān.

Source: twitter.com/almadani_k. 30 Apr 22. 21:40 GMT+3.