Never Judge by What’s in People’s Hearts

The great scholar ʿUbaid Al-Jābirī, may Allāh keep him always upon what He is pleased with, said:

The accusation that the People of the Sunnah pry into people’s intentions is a false statement; in fact, it is–by Allāh, by Allāh, by Allāh¹–a lie, an oppressive outrage, a slander. I do not know [any] scholar of the Sunnah, of old times or new, to have issued a ruling based on what’s inside [a person’s heart]; rather, they judge based on what’s apparent [from his speech and actions].

¹sworn three different ways in Arabic (trans.)

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فوائد من كتاب قطع اللجاجة (المجموعة الأولى)