Moody People

Moodiness: [it] takes out feelings of love and friendship, sets hearts apart, and brings about hostility and animosity.

Yes, you have no choice but to be patient with friends and relatives—that’s from your beautiful way of dealing [with people]. [At the same time], it’s an obligation upon him himself to get [himself] cured of his poor dealings and to fix his repulsive character and manners.

How beautiful is the saying of the one who said:

كِلانا غَنيٌ عَن أَخيهِ حَياتَه .. وَنَحنُ إِذا مِتْنا أَشَدُّ تَغانِيا

Neither of us needs [the other] while the [other’s] alive,
And when we die, we’ll be even less in need [than in former times].

Source: m_g_alomary/ 23 Mar 22. 16:59 GMT+3.