From the Very Wisest of Sayings

The shaikh, Dr. ʿAbdullāh Al-Bukhārī, may Allāh protect him, said:

The imam, the model, the trustworthy and reliable source of narrations, Saʿīd ibn ʿAbd Al-ʿAzīz Al-Tanūkhī, said:

There’s no good in life except for [either] one of two men: one who’s silent, listens, and comprehends; and one who speaks and has knowledge.

Siyar Aʿlām Al-Nubalāʾ, vol. 8, p. 36; Taʾrīkh Al-Islām, vol. 10, p. 219.

Source: dr_albukhary/ 14 Mar 22. 18:14 GMT+3.