Allāh Raises Those Who Rectify Their Hidden Affairs

Ibn Al-Jawzi, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

By Allāh, I have seen one who is abundant in praying, fasting much, often staying silent, [one who] shows humility in himself and in his dress. Yet, the hearts [of people] turn away from him, and his status amongst them is not all that!

And I have seen one who attires himself in luxurious clothes, does not have a lot of voluntary acts [of worship], nor does he make a show of humility, yet the hearts go one after the other in feeling love for him.

So I reflected on the cause [of this], and then I realised it was what people keep hidden from others [that Allāh knows].

Ibn Al-Jawzī. Ṣayd Al-Khāṭir. Dār Ibn Al-Khuzaimah. Riyadh: 1437H. p. 355.

N.B.: Title mine (Ed.)
Edited by Mikail ibn Mahboob Ariff