Al-Albānī on Advising One Another

Shaikh Al-Albānī, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

…Indeed, a lot of people say, “I love you for the sake of Allāh” to another [person], and then afterwards, [the one who said that] leaves [the one he claimed love for] to his own affairs—if he sees him having deviated by mistake or on purpose, [he says], “It’s ok,” “Be patient with him,” “Go easy on him,” etc.

This is not from the [Islamically legislated] requirements of brotherhood for the sake of Allāh. From the requirements of brotherhood for the sake of Allāh is advising one another regarding the religion of Allāh, so that if you were to see me having deviated or fallen into some error, it is upon you to advise me and direct me [to what’s right]. And in the same way, if I were to see you [falling into error], I [must] take action with you like you take action with me [by giving advice].

Silsilah Al-Hudá wa-l-Nūr, tape no. 82, 00:07:03.