Who are the “Awliyā of Allāh”?


Question to Shaikh Ṣāliḥ Al-Fawzān, May Allāh Protect Him

One of the brothers is [asking]: “Who are the “Awliyā of Allāh” and how do we know [who they are] in this time?


The Awliyā of Allāh are those who are established upon the worship of Allāh in the manner [that has been] legislated; they are the Awliyā of Allāh: every believer who acts upon fear [of Allāh] is indeed then from among the Awliyā of Allāh.

Source: Al-Ijābāt Al-Mukhtaṣarah, Al-Ḥalqah 108.