To Be of the Level after the Prophets…

The shaikh, Dr. ʿAbdullāh Al-Bukhārī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Imām Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allāh have mercy on him, says:

The best, [highest] levels [with Allāh] are being a prophet; then after that, being a ṣiddīq;¹ then after that, being a martyr; then after that, being righteous. These four levels are the ones Allāh the All-High mentions in His Book […].

Then [Ibn Al-Qayyim] says:

So whoever seeks knowledge [of the religion] in order to bring about a revival of Islam with that, he is from among the ṣiddīqs, and his level [comes right] after the level of prophethood.

Miftāḥ Dār Al-Saʿādah, vol. 1, p. 338

¹the most-truthful, closest followers of the prophets and the highest in level with Allāh after them (tr.)

Source: 4 Apr 23.