The Reality of “Sponsor an Orphan” Funds


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul, may Allāh protect him, said:

From the Sharīʿah meanings that the [Muslim Brotherhood] have distorted [is the term] kafālah al-yatīm [guardianship of orphans].

[According to them,] it is as if [the reward] for undertaking kafālah al-yatīm can be achieved by [simply donating] a sum of money–that is so that they [the Ikhwānīs] can get [all of that] money.

The reality is that kafālah al-yatīm does not come about with just that.

On WhatsApp, [the following] came to me, may Allāh reward the sender of these with good.

(The Reality of Kafālah al-Yatīm)

Al-Nawawī said: “The [one who is considered a] guardian of an orphan is the one who takes it upon himself to take care of his affairs, [including] expenditures, clothing, good upbringing and education, and other than that; and this virtue is achieved by one who takes care of [an orphan] using his own wealth or the orphan’s wealth.” (Al-Minhāj, 18/113)

Ibn ʿUthaimīn said: “Kafālah al-yatīm is not just spending [on] food, drink, and shelter; rather, more important than that is raising [the orphan] and giving [him] an upbringing.” (Al-Majmūʿ 18/468)

And only with Allāh’s help is true success achievable.


N.B.: Title mine (Tr.)