The Real Meaning of Having Fiqh


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul said:

Know that what is intended by fiqh [lit., knowledge and understanding] of the religion is not your having much knowledge of [religious] issues or having many narrations.

The only thing meant by having fiqh of religion is the great reverence for Allāh the All-High in a Muslim’s heart and his having fear of Him [based on sound knowledge], such that if it were to come to you that this [particular matter] is the rule of Allāh and that this is the law of Allāh, you hasten to believe in it and be upon faith in it and rush to put it into practice: this is [having] fiqh of religion.

For this reason, you might find a person closer to being a layman, but he is a faqīh in religion, meaning he reveres Allāh, reveres Allāh’s law, and reveres that which has come from Allāh and His messenger; when it comes to him that this [particular matter] is the rule of Allah, he hastens to believe in it and hold it as his belief, and rushes to put it into practice.

And you might find a person having a lot of knowledge, knowing a lot of issues, knowing a lot of narrations, but he does not revere the command of Allāh, nor revere the law of Allāh. So this [person] is not of those for whom Allāh wanted good, since he has not attained fiqh [understanding] of the reality of what the religion is.

Bazmoul, Muhammad. Al-Manhajiyyah fī Dirāsah Al-ʿUlūm Al-Dīn, p. 144. As quoted in

N.B.: Title mine (tr.)
Translated by Mikail ibn Mahboob Ariff