The High Standing of the Female Companions and Their Patience with Working to Help Their Husbands

Shaikh ʿArafāt ibn Ḥasan Al-Muḥammadī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Asmāʾ bint Abī Bakr, may Allāh be pleased with her, said: “I used to carry date stones from Al-Zubair’s [her husband’s] land upon my head. It was [a distance] of two-thirds of a farsakh from me.” (Agreed upon)

She used to traverse a distance of 3.7 km while carrying [a load] on her head and on her back.

I say: And she used to stitch [water carrying] sacks [made of leather], draw water, and knead [dough], and all of that with her [own] hands.

Source: 2 Apr 23.