The Evil of Twisted, Severely Argumentative People


Shaikh Ibn Bāz, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

[The Prophet] ﷺ [said…]: “The most hateful of men to Allāh is al-aladd al-khaṣim [the twisted, severely argumentative individual].”¹ The meaning of al-aladd [is]: severely argumentative. Al-ladad means: his chest feels no openness to being easy or forbearing with others or ending disputes. Instead, he takes his disputes to extremes. When he finishes with one argument [for his case], he moves onto another to waste time, to lengthen the dispute.

So a believer should stay far away from that. He is happy when a dispute comes to an end, happy [to have] good words [exchanged], happy to forgive his brother.

The meaning of al-khaṣim [in al-aladd al-khaṣim] is: extremely argumentative, meaning [al-khaṣim] is an adjective form expressing great intensity.

So what is commendable in Islām for a believer is that he be generous, easy-going, and easily approachable; far from [having the qualities of] al-ladad and severe argumentativeness because [that] might lead him to lie, and might lead him to oppression.

¹Narrated by Al-Bukhārī and Muslim, the wording here Al-Bukhārī’s. (trans.)

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