Shaikh Rabī‘ on the Deceivers Who Hide Behind Scholars


Be aware of the deceptive individual who hides behind the scholars, but he is not upon their methodology.

The ‘Allaamah Rabee’ al Madkhali, may Allāh protect him, stated:

This method is from the methods of the people of bid’ah and strife. It is a must that they hide behind prominent personalities.

The al Qadariyah hid behind al-Hasan and wrote, spread and authored books attributing the statement of the Qadariyah to him, deceitfully and untruthfully despite the fact he was not from them.

The Khawarij use to hide behind other prominent personalities as well. The Khawarij used to hide behind the personality of Abu as-Sha’tha Jabir ibn Zaid, who was one of the major students of Ibn Abbas and one of the major scholars of fiqh.

Subsequently, this is one of the games played by Ahl al Bid’ah and this is because their bid’ah does not spread if they do not hide behind the Imams of Islam.

Many people act in this manner. The Qutbi methodology was not spread except by way of hiding behind the likes of:

  • Ibn Taymiyah
  • Ibn al-Qayyim
  • Ibn Baz
  • Al-Albani
  • Ibn al-Uthaymeen
  • And other personalities who are given consideration and accepted by people throughout the world.

Thus, they say: “We are students of Ibn Baz. We are on the Minhaj of the Salaf. We are students of al-Albani. We are students of Ibn Uthaymeen.”

And they delude the people into thinking that these imams are with them (upon their minhaj); consequently,the youth who love knowledge, love the scholars, love Islam and love the truth are covered in obscurity by their decietful games and many people are deceived by their games and as a result fall into their trap.

Ad Dhari’ah, vol. 2, pg. 101