Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul: When Scholars Criticize Individuals


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul said:

[Someone] said: “It’s become a formula: ‘If you don’t speak against [this person], we’ll speak against you.'”

I said: This isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that you follow the scholars and accept their statements, so you say: I have no knowledge myself of Jarḥ and Taʿdīl [the Islāmic study of criticizing and approving narrators], but I follow what the scholars say with regard to it, and I don’t contradict them!

This is the correct position [one should take].

As for rejecting Jarḥ, rejecting statements of scholars, and then casting [those things] in an ugly light, then no!

May Allāh bless you.

#32 from the Shaikh’s series: “He said, I said.”