Saying Farewell to the Month of Ramaḍān

The great scholar, Ibn Bāz, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

It’s appropriate that a believer be eager to seal [the month] with the best that he is able to of remembering Allāh [on his tongue and heart]; seeking His forgiveness; turning to Him with repentance—exalted is He in His perfection; and asking Him, All-High is He and Majestic, for acceptance and forgiveness, and that He make him reach other Ramaḍāns in the manner that pleases Him, exalted is He in His perfection.

Sharḥ Laṭāʾif Al-Maʿārif, 246, as quoted by Shaikh ʿAbd Allāh Al-Dhafīrī. 30 Apr 22. 20:24 GMT+3.