Lessons from the Past on Not Mixing with the People of Desires


Shaikh Rabīʿ ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī, may Allāh protect him from every harm, said:

So we warn all young Salafīs against mixing with the people of desires, being at ease with them, inclining towards them, or trusting them.

So [all young Salafīs] should learn a lesson from those before [us] who had become deceived by themselves, considering themselves [able to] guide the people of misguidance and turn them back from their deviation and misguidance–only for themselves to totter, stumble, and then fall headlong into the arms of the people of innovation.

Many experiences have occurred from the dawn of Islāmic history; children of the Companions, when they inclined towards and trusted Ibn Sabaʾ, fell into misguidance.

People from the children of the Companions and the Successors [to the Companions], when they leaned towards and trusted Al-Mukhtār ibn Abī ʿUbaid, fell into misguidance.

And people from this time have leaned towards and trusted many deviant, politically oriented callers and heads of innovation, so they fell into the traps of the people of misguidance.

Source: rabee.net/ar/articles.php?cat=8&id=325

N.B. Title mine (trans.)