Ibn Baz: The Ruling Concerning the Saying “You Don’t Deserve It”



The brother “A. ‘A. Ḥ.” from Riyadh says in his question:

Some people, when they visit one of the sick, say to him, “You don’t deserve it.” It is as if, with this [phrase], he is expressing disapproval of Allāh’s will.

Or some people, when they hear that a particular person from among people is sick, say, “By Allāh, he doesn’t deserve it.”

We hope the eminent shaikh will make clear [whether] this speech is permissible or not. May Allāh grant you a good reward.



This speech is not permissible because it expresses disapproval of Allāh, All-Perfect is He. He, All-Perfect is He, has greater knowledge of His slaves’ conditions, and He possesses the furthest limits of wisdom in whatever He ordains and makes happen to His slaves of health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and other than that.

The only thing that has been established in Islāmic legislation as permissible is his saying, “May Allāh remove everything bad and harmful from him,” “May Allāh cure him,” and the like of that from good expressions.

May Allāh grant all Muslims the true success of having [correct] understanding in the religion and being established firmly upon it.

He is truly the best of those who are asked.


Source: http://www.binbaz.org.sa/fatawa/2033