A Husband Is a Woman’s Paradise or Hell


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul said:

My religion has taught me…

…that it is upon a woman not to lose her husband and to work hard towards his being pleased in everything other than disobedience [to Allah], for indeed, he is only her Paradise or Hell;

And that a righteous wife makes her husband happy whenever he sees her due to her obeying him and treating him in the best of manners–and for her, if she is patient, is Paradise–since her husband’s right upon her is truly huge.

From Ḥuṣain ibn Miḥṣan that an aunt of his came to the Prophet ﷺ for a need; she then finished [taking care] of her need, upon which he [asked] her: “Do you have a husband?”

She said: “Yes.”

He [asked]: “Then where are you [in your level of performance] with regard to him?”–Yaʿlá said: “Then how are you to him?”–

She said: “I don’t hold back in doing anything for him other than that which I’m incapable of.”

He said: “Look to where you are [in your level of performance] with regard to him because he is truly your Paradise or your Hell.”¹

From Abū Hurairah, [who] said:

It was said to the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, “Which women are the best?” He said: “The best of women are those who make [their husbands] happy when [they] look [at them], [who] obey [their husbands] when [they] tell them to do [something], and [who] do not go against [their husbands] with regards to their own selves or their possessions in [a way] they do not like.”²

Author’s Notes

¹Aḥmad narrated it in Al-Musnad (Al-Maymuniyyah 4/341, 6/419), (Al-Risālah ḥadīth no. 19003), and Al-Albānī rated it ṣaḥīḥ [authentic] in Silsilah Al-Aḥādīth Al-Ṣaḥīḥah (2612).

²Al-Nasāʾī narrated it [in] Kitāb Al-Nikaḥ, Ayyu Al-Nisāʾ Khair (2/72) 3231, Al-Ḥākim (2/161), and Aḥmād (Al-Maymuniyyah 2/251, 2/432, and 2/438), (Al-Risālah ḥadīth no. 7421), and Al-Albānī rated it ḥasan [good] in Silsilah Al-Aḥādīth Al-Ṣaḥīḥah, ḥadīth no. 1838.

N.B.: Title mine (Trans.)

Bazmoul, Muhammad. Silsilah ʿAllamanī Dīnī, 1425 H, p. 116.