How the Anṣār Helped Keep Unity: A Lesson for Us All


Shaikh Rabīʿ ibn Hādī Al-Madkhalī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Allāh describes the companions of Muḥammad [ﷺ], the Muhājirūn and the Anṣār, and He praised them with very high praises. And He mentions that the Anṣār used to put the needs [of the Muhājirūn and others in need] ahead over their own, even if they themselves were poor or in need.

So be like this, O brothers—a person [should] love his brother to the degree of giving him preference and putting him ahead of himself, giving him preference over himself with regard to what he needs in matters pertaining to his present life in this world.

This affection, love, putting the needs of others ahead of our own, being easy and humble with others, and allowing oneself to be led by the truth: these [things] will make it easy for you to all come together upon the truth, to respect it, and to recognize its place, [while also] hating falsehood and discarding it with more disdain than one discards the pits of fruits, as [the saying goes].

So my dear, dear brothers, beware of division and all the things that cause it, and from the things that cause it are [people seeking greater] shares for themselves [of desirable things in this life] and putting the rights of [individual] souls over the rights of Allāh and the rights of the call to Allāh, All-Great is He and All-High.

For by Allāh, this is most definitely a calamity, and I hope this does not occur from any among you […].

Al-Lubāb min Majmūʿ Naṣāʾiḥ wa Tawjīhāt Al-Shaikh Rabīʿ li-l-Shabāb p. 162.