The Haddādis Are a Guise of the Khawārij


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul said:

It occurred to me…

…that the Ḥaddadiyyah are a guise of the Khārijites, and that is because the Ḥaddadī way revolves around:

  • First, going to extremes in the issues of calling Muslims disbelievers (takfīr), calling people of the Sunnah heretical innovators (tabdī‘), and calling Muslims evil doers (tafsīq) before establishing the proof [upon them] by confirming the existence of all necessary preconditions and negating the existence of all valid excuses.
  • Second, their not differentiating between the mistakes of scholars and the mistakes of people of innovation and desires.
  • Third, their not respecting scholars and lying in wait to [attack others], especially Salafīs.

A Bright Note:

What is amazing is that Shaikh Rabī‘, may Allāh protect him, noticed their evil and warned against them from the start–before their danger became apparent to people. So the scholar knows of trials and tribulations before people get to know of them; when it’s a thing of the past, then people get to know of them.

So may Allāh reward him with the best of that with which a scholar is rewarded, on behalf of his people.

‘Alā Judrān al-Faysbūk. Dār al-Mīrāth al-Nabawī. Issue 1, p. 31.
N.B. Title mine (Trans.)