Better to Us Than Our Own Parents

The shaikh, Dr. ʿAbdullāh Al-Bukhārī, may Allāh protect him, said: “It has been established from Imam Al-Bukhārī that he conveyed from one of his companions his having said:

Ḥammād ibn Salamah visited Sufyān Al-Thawrī. Sufyān then said: “O Abā Salamah, do you think Allāh will forgive the likes of me?”

Ḥammād then said: “By Allāh, if I were to be given a choice between Allāh holding me to account and my parents holding me to account, I would pick being held to account by Allāh over being held to account by my parents, and that is [because] Allāh the All-High is kinder and more merciful to me than my [own] parents.”

Al-Ḥilyah, vol. 6, p. 251.

Source: 27 Nov 22.