As Ramaḍān Gets Set to Leave Us

Ibn Rajab, may Allāh have mercy on him, said:

إن شهر رمضان قد عزم على الرحيل،
ولم يبق منه إلا القليل،
فمن منكم أحسن فيه فعليه التمام،
ومن فرط فليختمه بالحُسنى، والعمل بالختام،
فاستغنموا منه ما بقي من الليالي اليسيرة والأيام،
واستودعوه عملاً صالحًا يشهد لكم به عند الملك العلَّام

Indeed, the month of Ramaḍān is set to depart—
nothing’s left of it [now] but a [very] small part—
so whoever’s done well must finish the rest,
and whoever’s been lax, let him finish with what’s best.

What matters with deeds is how they conclude,
so seize [these last] nights and days that are few,
and with righteous deeds, see [the month] off—
[deeds] that it can testify with on your behalf
before Al-Malik, [the Sovereign King],
Al-ʿAllām, [the All-Knowing].

Laṭāʾif Al-Maʿārif, p. 216, as quoted by Shaikh ʿAbd Allāh Al-Dhafīrī. 27 Apr 22. 17:03 GMT+3.