Applying Ḥadīths of Fitan and Signs of the Hour to Particular Events


Shaikh Muhammad Bazmoul, may Allāh protect him, said:

It is not from the methodology of the Salaf to apply ḥadīths concerning [various] trials and tribulations and [those concerning] the signs of the Hour to a particular event, stating unequivocally that [any ḥadīths apply], for indeed, if it unfolds that the [particular] event to which the ḥadīths had been applied contradicted that which is [mentioned] in [those ḥadīths], that would then become a cause of [some people] disbelieving in the ḥadīths.

And in [applying the ḥadīths to particular events] is [the evil of one’s] coming forward with certainty about a matter unknown [to other than Allāh].

And another forbidden matter could arise from it by way of passing a judgment or attributing a characterization to one who does not deserve [that].

Because of that, it is upon a Muslim to follow the ways of the Salaf [the righteous who preceded us] in their leaving the application of [those] ḥadīths to [particular] events.

And Allāh is the One who guides to that which pleases Him.

N.B.: Title mine (trans.)