Al-Albānī: When Is It Allowed to Say the Takbīrs of the Ten Days and the Days of Tashrīq?


Person Asking: Are the takbīrs on the Days of Tashrīq¹ restricted to [immediately] after the [five daily] prayers?

Shaikh Al-Albānī: No, they’re not restricted; rather, restricting them is from introducing things [into Islam that are not from it]. The takbīrs are [for] all times during the Days of Tashrīq.

Person Asking: And [likewise during] the Ten Days [of Dhu-l-Hijjah]?

Shaikh Al-Albānī: And likewise [during] the Ten Days.

¹The three days after ʿĪd Al-Aḍḥá: 11, 12, and 13 Dhu-l-Hijjah (Tr.)

Silsilah Al-Hudá wa-l-Nūr, tape 410, 00:36:16.

Translator: Mikail ibn Mahboob Ariff
enclosure:هل-يقيد-التكبير-في-أيام-التشريق-عقب-الصلوات-فقط-أو-مطلقاً.mp3 17935673 audio/mpeg
Date published: June 27th, 2023