Achieving the Objectives of Ramaḍān

Shaikh ʿAbd Allāh Al-Dhafīrī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Indeed, fasting Ramaḍan has Sharīʿah objectives; in achieving them, a Muslim [gains] success, victory, and happiness.

From [these objectives] is achieving taqwá,¹ fixing [one’s] soul and purifying it, and training [it] to do acts of obedience [to Allāh] and leave off acts of disobedience and reprehensibility.

To achieve them, there are [various] means; from [these] are making sure one’s fast is done out of belief in it and seeking reward for it; avoiding false speech and acting upon it; and avoiding all things that break [one’s] fast [or] lower it [in reward].

¹Protecting oneself from Allāh’s punishment by fulfilling His commands and avoiding what He has prohibited (Tr.)

Source: 22 Mar 23.