A Subtle Point about Asking for Forgiveness on Lailah Al-Qadr

The shaikh, Dr. Khālid Ḍaḥawī Al-Ẓafīrī, may Allāh protect him, said:

Why is being forgiven and pardoned especially something to be asked for on Lailah Al-Qadr [the Night of Decrees]?¹

Ibn Rajab says:

Asking to be forgiven and pardoned on Lailah Al-Qadr, after having worked hard to do [good] deeds during it and during the [last] ten nights [of Ramaḍān], is only [something that] has been commanded [of us to do] because those who truly know [Allāh] work hard to do [good] deeds, and then they don’t see for themselves any good deeds done, any [particular] state [achieved], any statement [worth making]. So they go back to asking to being forgiven and pardoned, the same way a sinner or one with shortcomings might [ask].

Laṭāʾif Al-Maʿārif, p. 242

¹In the well-known supplication: O Allāh, You are forgiving and love to forgive, so forgive me [my sins and shortcomings]. (Tr)

Source: twitter.com/almadani_k. 14 Apr 23.